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The Intervales State Park is located in the brazilian state of Sao Paulo, it was created in 1995 and had an extension of 41,700 hectares. In 1999 UNESCO declared it as a Natural World Heritage Site together with other 24 protected areas making a total of about 470,000 protected hectares.

During our stay at Intervales Park we will the opportunity to observe and photograph: Red-and-white Crake, Black-fronted Piping-Guan (EN), Purple-crowned Plovercrest, Sao Paulo Tyrannulet (NT), Giant Antshrike, White-bearded Antshrike (VU), Squamate Antbird (endemic Atlantic Forest), Ochre-rumped Antbird (NT) (endemic Brazil), Hooded Berryeater (NT) (endemic Atlantic Forest), Oustalet's Tyrannulet (NT) (endemic Atlantic Forest), Pavonine Cuckoo, Helmeted Woodpecker (VU), Pallid Spinetail (endemic Brazil), Cinnamon-vented Piha(NT) (endemic Atlantic Forest), Chestnut-backed tanager, Red-ruffed Fruitcrow. At night we can observe: Long-trained Nightjar, Least Pygmy-Owl, Rusty-barred Owl (NT) and many more…


  • Where: The tour begins and ends at Sao Paulo (GRU airport)
  • When: All year round
  • Duration: 2 / 3 nights
  • Private Guiding Tour
  • Lodge inside the park
  • Endemic & Endangered Birds

    Outline Itinerary

  • DAY1

    Sao PauloIntervales

    Departure from Sao Paulo airport, transfer to Intervales.

  • DAY2


    Birding at Intervales

  • DAY3


    Birding at Intervales

  • DAY4

    IntervalesSao Paulo

    Transfer from Intervales to Sao Paulo airport or to your extension tour.


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Tour Codes

ITV3 - Intervales Birding - 3 Days / 2 Nights

ITV4 - Intervales Birding - 4 Days / 3 Nights



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