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Herping Brazil.

Brazil is home to an impressive list of pit vipers, including dream species like the Bushmaster, the Brazilian Lancehead, the Green Jararaca, the Piraja’s Lancehead, and the Mato Grosso Lancehead to name just a few! Next to these top snakes, Brazil has an endemic-rich anurofauna featuring spectacular, rare species like the Bruno’s casque-headed frog and the Pumpkin toadlet that are only found in some restricted areas of the Atlantic Rainforest.

Most of our tours are customized, private tours but once a year we offer a set date itinerary with a lead herpetologist.

We know that herpetofauna is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are not into herping but that you want to give it a try, hike at night in the jungle and find some cool creatures, please contact us!

herping brazil

Our Herping Tours

herping brazil

Atlantic Rainforest

The surroundings of São Paulo harbor one of the world’s richest lowland forests, with extraordinary endemism. There are herpetological surprises in store, including the Jararacussu, the Brazilian Dwarf Boa and a plethora of amphibians!

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The largest freshwater wetland on Earth is acclaimed to be the kingdom of the Yellow Anaconda, the Yacare Caiman, and the Caiman Lizard. But did you know that the Pantanal bursts with much more cold-blooded creatures?

herping brazil

Herping Expedition
with Matthieu Berroneau

Join us on an 10-day herping tour in the Pantanal wetlands, with a focus on capturing images of reptiles and amphibians.

Check out all our herping tours on our dedicated website Herping Brazil: Herping Brazil

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