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Atlantic Rainforest

Herping Expedition

with Matej & Zuzana Dolinay


Explore one of the finest destinations in Brazil for reptiles and amphibians!
Enjoy a splendid opportunity to seek out the rare and elusive Bushmaster with expert herpetologists on our 12-day adventure in the Atlantic Rainforest! You will be treated to outstanding, varied, and rich herpetofauna in one of the most threatened rainforests on Earth. Expect to see and photograph very special snakes and frogs that are only found in this region of the Atlantic Rainforest.

We will stay at 2 different sites throughout the trip, where we hope to have a good chance to spot the Piraja's Lancehead, the Green Jararaca, and a wealth of captivating herps. We will also visit the Serra Grande Center to gain greater knowledge of the Bushmaster.


  • Where: The tour begins and ends at Ilhéus (IOS airport)
  • When: March 22 - April 02, 2020
  • Duration: 12 days / 11 nights
  • Leader: Matej & Zuzana Dolinay
  • Location: State of Bahia, Brazil

Matej & Zuzana Dolinay

Matej & Zuzana Dolinay.

Matej and Zuzana Dolinay are trained in zoology and specialize in herpetology. They have also been wildlife filmmakers and photographers since 2014, where they have produced a number of documentary films about wild animals (especially reptiles and amphibians) and about scientific research in the field of zoology.

Their documentary film Protectors of snakes on Bali won first prize in film competition in the Rajbas travel film festival. They were nominated in 2017 for Czech Press Nature Press Photo of the year.


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BHE20 - Herping Expedition with Matej & Zuzana Dolinay