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Wild Brazil is a local based Tour Operator. Our experience in the field allow us to offer you unforgettable wildlife travels in the most beautiful and wild places of our amazing country!

The large territory of Brazil includes six terrestrial biomes very rich in biodiversity. In this website you can find our proposals focused on wildlife photography, birding, mammal watching, herping and other activities, exploring the wonderful Pantanal Wetlands, the exuberant Atlantic Rainforest and its endemics, the magnificent Amazon Rainforest and the little known Cerrado, the great Brazilian Savanna.
All our tours are completely customizable.

Our Destinations

Discover the Brazilian biomes.

pantanal safaris


The Pantanal is the largest wetland in the world and the ecosystem with the largest biodiversity and concentration [..]

atlantic forest
Atlantic forest

Atlantic Rainforest

One of the richest biomes, home of the highest number of endemic birds in the world, more than 180 species ... [..]

amazon tours

Amazon Rainforest

The largest tropical rainforest in the world! Extraordinary biodiversity, unforgettable experience! [..]

cerrado - serra da canastra


The largest savanna region in South America and one of the richest of all tropical savanna regions in the world [..]

Jaguar Photography Specialists

We are specialists in jaguar photo safaris. We are based in Cuiabá, the gateway city of the northern Pantanal, the region with the highest concentration of jaguars in the world!
If you are a wildlife photographer, a mammalwatcher or a nature lover, take a look to our proposals:

Jaguar seasons 2022, 2023 - Book now your spot!

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Mammal Watching

Birding & Bird Photography

If you like birding, you cannot miss to visit the Atlantic Rainforest and the other wonderful biomes of Brazil. If you are a bird photographer you may like to photograph at the bird feeders of our lodges.

hummingbird photography

Jacu Birding Lodge is a new Wild Brazil Exclusive birding / photography Lodge located in the Atlantic Rainforest of the Serra do Mar State Park of São Paulo. Enjoy exclusive bird feeders and trails in a comfortable lodge!

jacu birding lodge - bird photography

Herping Expeditions

Brazil is home to an impressive list of pit vipers, including dream species like the Bushmaster, the Brazilian Lancehead, the Green Jararaca, the Piraja’s Lancehead, and the Mato Grosso Lancehead to name just a few! Next to these top snakes, Brazil has an endemic-rich anurofauna featuring spectacular, rare species like the Bruno’s casque-headed frog and the Pumpkin toadlet that are only found in some restricted areas of the Atlantic Rainforest.

lancehead brazil

Photo Expedition in the Pantanal
with Sergio Pitamitz.

sergio pitamitz

September, 2022 - BOOK NOW YOUR PLACE!

Explore the best places of the Pantanal accompanied by Sergio Pitamitz a National Geographic Image Collection contributing photographer.


Other Destinations.

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