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Atlantic Rainforest


Birding Lodge

jacu lodge

Jacu Birding Lodge is a new Wild Brazil exclusive birding / photography Lodge in the Atlantic Rainforest of the Serra do Mar State Park of São Paulo.

The lodge is located inside a preserved tropical forest with extension of about 10ha and it's a RPPN conservation area (Private Reserve of Brazilian Natural Heritage).

Enjoy bird feeders, observation towers, a big garden with a lake and trails in the forests, in an exclusive location, without other guests!


  • Localization: 180km do aeroporto de Guarulhos
  • Accomodation: 2 apartments / 3 rooms
  • Meals: Typical brazilian cuisine
  • Amenities: Private apartment, terrace with hammmocks with forest view, garden with lake and natural swimming pool, trails, waterfalls, observation towers, bird feeders
  • Activities: Birdwatching and bird photography, hiking, beaches, relax


The Jacu Birding Lodge is located in a 100% conserved forest being a Private Reserve of Brazilian Natural Heritage who ensure the preservation of its environment. The owners of the lodge, The owners of the lodge have been protecting and supervising the area for over 30 years and have founded an NGO focused on environmental education for the local community.


The Jacu Lodge offers to its guests an exclusive stay, without other visits. You can learn a little about Brazilian culture and life experiences during pleasant moments with the brazilian owners.
The lodge has four bedrooms, one is occupied by the owners and three by the guests. An apartament with a queen-size bed room and a double bed room, a bathroom, living room, kitchen and terrace with hammocks with forest view. Another apartment with a queen-size bedroom, bathroom, terrace with hammocks, living room, TV, barbecue and kitchen.

The garden

The large garden houses a lake, a stream, a natural swimming pool, a plant nursery of native species, fruit trees and bird feeders to attract tanagers, many flowering plants and bird drinkers to attract hummingbirds. The observation tower is surrounded by fruit feeders, one on each side for better enjoy the brightness at each hour of the day.

The forest

Within the forest there are three trails with identified trees, streams, a waterfall and two blinds for observation and photography of terrestrial birds, attracted by grain feeders.

Birding & Photography

Jacu Birding Lodge represents a new accommodation option for those who want to observe and photograph the wonderful birds of the Atlantic Rainforest of the coast of Sao Paulo.

jacu lodge

Exclusive Lodge

The Jacu Birding Lodge is an exclusive of Wild Brazil, during your stay you will have the lodge, the garden and the feeders at your complete disposal, you will no meet other guests. Enjoy your stay in the Atlantic Rainforest!

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