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Northern & Southern Pantanal

Jaguars & Wildlife

Ultimate Photo Expedition


This fantastic tour will take you in the best places of the entire Pantanal in search of the best wildlife photo opportunities.

12-day Photo Expedition to explore remote areas of the northern and southern Pantanal looking for wild jaguars, ocelots, anteaters, tapirs, macaws and many other wildlife.
The goal of this tour is to help you to take great wildlife pictures of the most iconic animals of Brazil. The tour is suitable also for non-photographers.


  • Starts and ends at Campo Grande (CGR airport)
  • Best time: From July to October
  • Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
  • Private Guided Tour
  • Wildlife Photography Tour
  • Targets: Jaguar, ocelot, giant otter, tapir, giant anteater, southern tamandua, hyacinth macaw, red-and-green macaw, toco toucan.

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Tour Codes

PNS12 - 12-day Pantanal North & South

IGU3 - 3-day Extension Iguazu Falls